North American Graphics (NAG) has been a nationally recognized industry leader in digital prepress and plate making since 1968. This is due in no small part to its continuing reinvestment in capability and technology, allowing NAG to continue to provide the best printing plates in the industry.

North American Graphics’ status as an industry leader continues. It is now the exclusive U.S. based provider of the Kodak Flexcel NX Digital Wide Flexographics plates. Kodak Flexcel is the unquestioned leader in digital flexo plate making technology, enabling on press efficiency and unprecedented print quality for flexographic printers.

Only North American Graphics can deliver 60-inch Kodak Flexcel NX digital flexographic plates, which provide the opportunity to minimize waste and maximize efficiency.

Request A Test Plate

Give North American Graphics a call. One of our plate specialists will be pleased to arrange a press characterization test. It is a simple, one color test. The real test is when you receive a complementary set of plates for a live job. Both you and your customer must be pleased with the superior results. We guarantee it.